Bernie Sanders at “YES” on 69″ Rally

Aaron Harber on ColoradoCare (Part 1)

Do the math!

Aaron Harber on ColoradoCare (Part 2)

Patch Adams Press Conference

ColoradoCare Economics Forum

Yes! On Amendment 69

ColoradoCare Press Conference on Economic Analysis — Into the Black, 8.30.16
ColoradoCareYES — T.R. Reid and Irene Aguilar
Late Night with Seth Meyers: Single Payer Healthcare: A Closer Look
Philip Maior, “Sink or Swim”
ColoradoCareYES Press Conference, 8.17.16
Senator Irene Aguilar at the GoldLab Symposium
Bernie Sanders and Rachel Maddow Discuss ColoradoCare
ColoradoCareYES Press Conference, 8.17.16
Robert Reisch on Medicare for All
Secretary Hillary Clinton on ColoradoCare in Boulder
The Devil’s Advocate: “Exploring ColoradoCare, Single-Payer in Colorado”
Senator Irene Aguilar Answers Questions About ColoradoCare
ColoradoCare Flash Mob
CU Anschutz Medical Campus Debate: Is ColoradoCare Right for Colorado?
ColoradoCare Ambulance delivers 156,107 signatures to get on the ballot, 10.23.15
Newsy: Colorado Voters Might Replace Obamacare with ColoradoCare
ColoradoCare Rally and Press Conference, Colorado Springs, 10.23.15

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