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ColoradoCare is good for businesses and the economy

ColoradoCare was designed by and for patients, providers, and businesspeople. It is protected by the Constitution and operated outside of state government as a transparent, cooperative business that is owned by the residents of Colorado, which include hundreds of thousands of business owners.

With ColoradoCare, there would be:

  • Lower costs — Nationally, employers on average pay 13.5% of payroll for employee health care benefits (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). ColoradoCare Premium Tax is 6.67 % of payroll, and it eliminates 59% of workers’ comp costs.
  • Predictable costs — Premiums can only change with a majority vote of Coloradans.
  • Decreased administrative burden — employers have no administrative responsibility for employee health benefits other than administering the payroll tax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the businesses that pay less?
On average, businesses will pay about half what they currently pay for employee health insurance.  The average business cost for health care is currently 13.5% of payroll, and under ColoradoCare that cost goes down to a standard and reliable 6.67%. Businesspeople realize the advantages of ColoradoCare when they Do the Math on our worksheet or website calculator ( When the costs are compared between the insurance industry and ColoradoCare for the combination of personal health insurance, employee health benefits, and the 59% of workers comp that is medical, the vast majority of businesses save money.

Who are the businesses that pay more?
A business that has low workers’ comp expenses and provides no health care benefits would pay more, but if they do the math, they often find the impact is smaller than expected. Many business owners are surprised that 6.67% of payroll makes health care benefits for their employees affordable. And their Colorado competitors will have the same costs. Businesses will have over 2 years to plan for their future payroll expenses.

Will Colorado continue to have quality providers?
Proponents and opponents agree, ColoradoCare will need to pay providers an amount that attracts a steady flow of providers to Colorado, which will retain its excellent provider workforce.

Will ColoradoCare coverage be comprehensive?
Because ColoradoCare must obtain federal waivers, it must meet or exceed the benefits in plans on the exchange and the extremely comprehensive – although currently underfunded – Medicaid benefit package.

How will ColoradoCare impact the economy?
ColoradoCare will cut overall health care spending by 15%, while providing comprehensive health care to all residents. Much of the reduced spending is money that went out of state to the insurance industry. After necessary personal and business expenses, people and businesses will have more money available, much of which will be spent in Colorado and stimulate the economy. Estimates are this stimulus would result in a net gain of 32,000 jobs in the first year.

Who should we trust to handle our health care money?
Aetna and Humana are merging, and so are Anthem and Cigna. These new companies plus United Healthcare will be the dominant health care insurers in Colorado’s future, each governed, on average, by an 11-member board operating without transparency and focused on profits. ColoradoCare would have a 21-member board elected by Colorado residents, operating with full transparency and comprised of representatives of Colorado’s patients, providers, and businesspeople, a group interested in quality health care for Coloradans. Businesspeople for ColoradoCare choose ColoradoCare.


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