The ColoradoCareYES campaign began with a small handful of Coloradans comitted to finding a better way to finance health care in our state. They operated out of a living room in Louisville and launched an improbable campaign to put universal health care on the ballot in Colorado. Along the way they recruited 500 volunteers and gathered over 158,000 signatures to put ColoradoCare — Amendment 69 — on the November, 2016 ballot!

The momentum continues to grow, as we have individual and organizations from across the gamut of Colorado communities signing up to support ColoradoCare. From small business owners and physicians, to faith groups, county commissioners, students, social workers, nurses, veterans, and every interest group imaginable, Coloradans are stepping up to support a YES vote on Amendment 69, offering universal health care to every Coloradan with greatly improved benefits and dramaticly reduced costs savings thousands for the average resident and billions for all of us collectively.

Please review some of the primary groups that have united around a good idea whose time has come — and add your name to our growing list of supporters.

Physicians for ColoraoCare

Among the earliest supporters of ColoradoCare were physicians from across Colorado who knew there was a better way to care for their community. They searched for a solution to a health care system that had increasingly gravitated toward padding the pockets of the corporate insurance industry and found a viable alternative that puts patients over profits. Physicians were among the original architects of Amendment 69, and they continue to advocate in their communities for a universal health care system that increases access, expands benefits, and reduces costs. Learn more about their work by clicking the button below.

Nurses for ColoradoCare

Nurses are consistently ranked at the very top of the most trusted professions in the country. We’re extremely proud to have the support of nurses at from all over Colorado at every level of the campaign. Nobody knows the challenges of the current health care system and the needs of Coloradans like our nurses. Click the button below for information from “Nurses for ColoradoCare,” include a schedule of presentations and events hosted by nurses in every corner of Colorado.

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