Some of my favorite memories growing up are from summer vacation. Since my parents were both teachers, we all had summers free, and we spent much of them at a primitive cabin on Moosehead Lake on the edge of the Maine wilderness — there was no electricity, and we pumped the clean water by hand right out of the lake.

My sister and I spent all day outdoors with our friends — exploring, climbing, hiking, swimming, fishing, building rafts and forts, looking for wildlife — all without a care. We took our peace of mind for granted. Even when we wandered well beyond the bellowing reach of our parents’ moose horn, we instinctively knew we were safe, protected, and cared for.

Many of us are in Colorado today because we still love the adventure our state offers. We enjoy activities that, whether risky or safe, could result in injuries that require treatment. Wouldn’t you love to reclaim that sense of security we had growing up — that sense of well-being in knowing someone was looking after you when you push the boundaries between safety and risk?

Vacations can be expensive for anyone, but for families without insurance and struggling to get by, an injury on vacation could be a crisis that puts them in a bind.

Whether it’s cutting your foot on a piece of glass while swimming in the lake like Sue, or falling while hiking in Guanella Pass like Laura, or even falling off a horse in New Zealand like Judith — vacation activities sometimes turn into a #vacationfail that requires healthcare.

A #vacationfail can happen to anyone. One even happened to the child of the Obamas’ friends on the First Family’s vacation while playing on the beach in Hawaii. Luckily, he had access to quality, accessible care immediately. With ColoradoCare, everyone can have the same peace of mind when a #vacationfail happens, whether it’s here in Colorado or anywhere in the United States.

Under ColoradoCare, all Coloradans will be able to get treated anywhere with no deductibles, which means less time in a doctor’s office and more time doing what you love on your vacation. You’re even covered when you’re traveling out-of-state, finding adventure across our country.

Accidents happen, but with ColoradoCare, every family can have peace of mind on vacation and better enjoy their trips.

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