ColoradoCare is on the ballot on November 8 as Amendment 69-a Medicare-for-All type system that would streamline health care and provide coverage for all Coloradans.  Before you cast your vote, find out how much you know about ColoradoCare with 10 true or false questions:

1.  Health care is expensive.

TRUE: Coloradans currently spend more than $30 billion each year on health care.

2. Coloradans could save $4.5 billion in the first year of a Medicare-for-All system like ColoradoCare.

TRUE: By eliminating the middlemen, reducing bureaucracy, and improving access to preventive and primary care, Coloradans would save approximately $4.5 billion, even during the first year.

3. ColoradoCare premium taxes would replace more expensive insurance premiums and deductibles.

TRUE: Through ColoradoCare premium taxes, everyone gets health care coverage at a cost typically lower than current insurance premiums for private coverage purchased on the insurance exchange.

4. Only Colorado voters can increase the premium taxes to cover ColoradoCare.

TRUE: Only Colorado voters can raise the premium taxes for ColoradoCare.  The Board of Trustees must ask YOUR permission for increases.

5. There are no deductibles with ColoradoCare.

TRUE: ColoradoCare coverage doesn’t require you to meet a deductible before receiving assistance with health care costs.

6. You are covered if you travel to other states.

TRUE: And you can read more about this in our #VacationFail blog post. 

7. Every Colorado resident would have health care.

TRUE: And most people will have higher quality coverage at a lower cost.

8. ColoradoCare is accountable to Coloradans.

TRUE: With transparent, user-friendly, annual independent audits, budgets, and meetings and with locally elected Trustees, ColoradoCare is accountable to the people.

9. ColoradoCare is responsive to and operates in the interests of the people of Colorado.

TRUE: In the current industry, health care decisions are based on what’s best for the bottom line of multi-national corporations and their shareholders, not the customers.

10. ColoradoCare is user-friendly.

TRUE: There are no annual enrollments and no narrow networks, making getting and using your coverage a breeze.  Never be hassled by “out of network” providers again!

BONUS: Coloradans will pass Amendment 69 in November.

TRUE, BUT: We need your help to do it.  Will you sign up to volunteer to help spread the word about ColoradoCare?

Can’t volunteer? click here to chip in $3 towards our volunteer efforts instead!

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