It’s obvious that the state of mental health care in Colorado and our country is deplorable. The Denver Post recently described the situation as a “behavioral health crisis.”

Across Colorado and the United States, there is a critical shortage of beds in psychiatric hospitals and insufficient numbers of mental health providers. The problem only gets more dire when looking at providers with prescription privileges (psychiatrists and clinical nurse practitioners).

As it stands, 15.9% of adults with serious mental illnesses receive services from Colorado’s public mental health system-and a larger percentage struggle to afford private coverage for the care they need. Some go without any care at all.

In our status-quo, the insurance industry relegates the mentally ill to treatment in a second-class, severely underfunded system.

ColoradoCare recognizes that mental health care is a vital part of a comprehensive approach to providing care, and will take responsibility for ensuring that the mentally ill have access to quality service.

Join us in fighting for our “Medicare-for-All” comprehensive solution for Colorado! Click here to sign up today.

Citation: National Alliance on Mental Illness Colorado State Statistics

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