Feminist Leader Appeals to Colorado Voters for Support of Universal Health Care
DENVER - ColoradoCare received another major boost over the weekend when legendary activist and feminist icon Gloria Steinem endorsed a YES vote on Amendment 69 while speaking to volunteers at a Boulder County Democratic Party “Weekend of Action” kickoff.
“I am now and have always been for single-payer health insurance,” Steinem told the enthusiastic standing room only crowd at the Party’s campaign headquarters on Friday.  “I did not know until I heard about this Colorado measure, Amendment 69,  that an individual state could be the proving ground to show that it actually works.  It’s a great opportunity.  For Colorado to be able to show the rest of the country what is possible, would be great.”
Steinem’s comments echoed Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis in calling the states the “laboratories of democracy.” The Affordable Care Act invites such innovation at the state level by encouraging states to improve on the ACA’s health care reform by seeking waivers and enacting plans that will cover as many people or more at the same cost or less while offering the same benefits or better.   Amendment 69 meets all those requirements, covering the hundreds of thousands of Coloradans without insurance under the current corporate insurance model, saving Coloradans a collective $4.5 billion a year compared to what families and businesses currently pay the insurance industry, and offering benefits that meet and exceed the standard set by the ACA.
“The ColoradoCareYES campaign is incredibly honored and proud to have Gloria Steinem’s endorsement of our “Medicare for All” health care plan,” said Senator Irene Aguilar, MD, a spokesperson for the campaign and leading architect of the plan.  “She has inspired generations of activists to make meaninful change in our culture and our country, and her influence and leadership in promoting equal rights at ever level of society is unmatched. She helped change our world, and her support of Amendment 69 will help make history in bringing truly universal health care to Colorado and, ultimately, to our country.”
Steinem was speaking to volunteers as a surrogate for the Hillary for America campaign, and combined her campaign appearance with a book tour promoting her memoir, My Life on the Road, chronicling her six decades on the front lines of social and political activism
By ensuring that every Colorado resident is fully covered with equal access to quality, affordable health care, ColoradoCare gives a half million uninsured and underinsured Colorado women full access to reproductive health care in addition to comprehensive health care benefits.  Ms. Steinem joins national endorsers like Bernie Sanders, Noam Chmsky, Jill Stein, Progressive Democrats of America, and Healthcare-NOW as well as Colorado endorsers like the League of Women Voters, Together Colorado, The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, and over 3,000 organizations and individuals.
The Boulder County Democratic Party endorsed ColoradoCare last month, joining over 20 other county parties across the state in officially voicing their support for ColoradoCare, from Alamosa to Arapahoe County, from Mesa, La Plata, and Gunnison Counties to Denver, El Paso, and Larimer Counties. The Colorado Democratic Party included support for Amendment 69 as one of the top two single issues highlighted in its state platform, and the Democratic Party National Platform included - for the first time - support for state-based health care solutions following the ColoradoCare path in seeking innovation waivers from the Affordable Care Act.
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