Our health care insurance industry is bad for patients, but it’s also a disaster for doctors.

Here’s why:

As health care costs skyrocket across the country and along with medical malpractice rates, reimbursement rates from insurance companies are being set lower and lower. Meanwhile, health systems and hospitals are forcing doctors to see an ever-rising number of patients per day.

Ever wonder why your appointment with your doctor lasted only eight minutes? It’s not their faults. It’s the insurance industry at work.

If your goal is to inflate insurance and pharmaceutical company profits, it works great. But if your goal is to ensure doctors can provide quality care to every patient, it’s a disaster.

In fact, recent studies have uncovered a fact that should make your blood boil. Doctors who work primarily in hospitals spend as little as 12 to 17 percent of their day seeing patients! The rest of their day is spent bogged down dealing with the health care industry’s bureaucracy.

Doctors are so busy in our current system that patient care can be compromised. You don’t like it, and the doctors don’t like it.

Doctors feel the pain of our broken health care system when they spend all their time juggling the bureaucracy rather than helping patients. And doctors certainly feel the pain when they have to try to help patients navigate the convoluted corporate insurance plans. You’re frustrated, and your doctor is frustrated.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

By passing Amendment 69, we can replace the system with ColoradoCare, a resident-owned health care financing system that provides comprehensive care to every Coloradan. All while saving $6.2 billion in administrative costs and $600 million in fraud reduction.

That’s why we’re fighting to replace the insurance industry with a comprehensive “Medicare-for-All” style system that empowers doctors to treat each patient with quality, personalized care.

With ColoradoCare, doctors can get back to doing what they do best: seeing and treating patients.

Meanwhile, every patient will know that they can see a doctor when they need to and get the care they need.

It’s a win for doctors and a win for patients.

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