In today’s corporate-insurance-industry-based health care system, you can stay on your parents’ health insurance until you turn 26-but at 26, it’s time to find your own insurance coverage. Many young people don’t have access to employer-provided insurance, forcing them to seek care through expensive exchanges or pay a fine.

Often, young people are still in school or are working in jobs that don’t provide insurance coverage. Other times, parents have moved towards retirement and ended family insurance plans. During a time of life when young people should be focusing on buying a home, starting a family, or advancing in their careers, too many are focused on how to afford costly health insurance.

Whether you are forced to buy insurance on the exchange or have employer-provided insurance, ColoradoCare is a step forward.

If you’re a young adult with employer insurance, you will benefit from decoupling health care from employment, which will allow you to move freely as you advance in your career-whether that is starting your own business, going to work at a start up, or changing careers.

If you’re purchasing your insurance on the exchange, the benefits are even greater. ColoradoCare’s “Medicare-for-All” style system will ensure that all Coloradans have comprehensive care. When Amendment 69 passes, the days of choosing between paying for health care and other needs like food and housing will be over. And no more outrageous deductibles and crazy co-pays standing in the way of you and the care you need.

Moreover, the care provided to everyone through ColoradoCare will be more comprehensive than the best plan offered on Colorado’s health care exchange. All care will be included: outpatient care and hospitalization, mental health and substance abuse treatment, preventive care and emergency/urgent care services, and more.

You can even access local health services while you’re temporarily in another state.

All this care will be provided with no deductibles. No limits to the care you need, annual or lifetime. No co-pays for primary or preventive care, and co-pays waived for financial hardships.

Everyone deserves access to the quality, affordable care they need. With Amendment 69 and ColoradoCare, they’ll get it through our “Medicare-for-All” style system.

If you’re concerned about how ColoradoCare will affect you, be sure to check out our calculator tool to do the math about what ColoradoCare can save you each year.

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