Each day, as we talk to everyday folks across Colorado while campaigning for Amendment 69, the stakes become clearer and clearer. Far too many Coloradans are being left behind in the health care status quo and need ColoradoCare’s efficient, affordable system of universal “Medicare-for-All” style coverage. We asked you to share with us why this fight is personal for you, and we’ve been overwhelmed by responses.

Stephanie from Aurora told us about how she worries about her children living without full access to care:

My children either have no insurance or high deductibles and copays that force them to make choices they shouldn’t have to make when they are sick or have an emergency. This causes so much stress that it contributes to health issues: either you risk having a major issue with no insurance or you pay huge premiums and still pay for everything out of pocket.

Wade from Boulder shared his story of being underinsured for just one year and finding himself and his family in a hole they haven’t climbed out of 10 years later:

For over 10 years, I worked for a self-funded insurance company, but the skyrocketing costs were increasingly too much for the company and employees to pay each year. The company switched to a cheaper (and I mean cheap) insurance company with astronomical deductibles. Employee uproar forced the company to find a more moderately-priced, moderate-coverage insurance within a year.

Unfortunately, during the year on “cheap insurance,” my wife was diagnosed with cancer, my son had surgery at Children’s Hospital, and I had major dental work done. This one year of bad luck set us back: we are still paying off bills from that one year of poor insurance — 10 years later! It’s been a real hardship for me and my family of four.

We heard from Sally, a registered nurse, who has people tell her every day that they cannot afford their co-pay or their medication. She says, “we need a health care system based on need, NOT on ability to pay!”

Arne, a business owner, wrote about how difficult it is to choose health insurance plans for employees and cover the rising costs. His premiums are going up 15% this year.

We heard from Denise, from Boulder, who is in a situation with impossible choices that is all too familiar:

I am self-employed and 60 years old. I am too young for Medicare but do not have an employer to help with health care costs. So my choices at present are to pay $8,000 to $10,000 to an insurance company and get nothing (since they don’t pay for routine care or tests) OR pay the government penalty which is a lot less and get nothing. I have opted to pay the penalty, but what a choice! I have no health insurance at 60 years old. I am holding my breath for 5 years.

Coloradans deserve better than these awful choices. Everyone deserves access to quality, affordable care. Will you stand with our campaign to pass Amendment 69? There are three ways you can help us out right now:

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