Denver, CO - A faith-based organization comprising more than 150 congregations, schools, clergy, and faith leaders across the state has endorsed ColoradoCare, recognizing the need for everyone in the state to have equal access to quality health care.

“ColoradoCare makes a date with destiny,” said Together Colorado leader Rich McLean. “The Affordable Care Act, while a good try, demonstrates that a health system cannot sustain itself through for-profit insurance reform. When profit is the prime directive over health care as a human right, health care becomes unaffordable. ColoradoCare brings us back to reality in health care, a reality the rest of the world understands.”

Together Colorado’s mission includes transforming communities by putting human dignity at the center of public life in Colorado. Support for Amendment 69 touched on key issues for the group, including health care, public safety, immigration, and economic justice.

“For nearly 40 years, Together Colorado has been a champion for the marginalized and oppressed in Colorado,” said Owen Perkins, Director of Communications for the ColoradoCareYES campaign. “Their longstanding commitment to ensuring everyone has access to affordable health care and to finding health care solutions that reduce costs, increase positive outcomes, and promote equity are perfectly aligned with the values of ColoradoCare. We are incredibly proud to have Together Colorado as a partner in supporting a “Yes” vote on Amendment 69.”

Among the compelling arguments Together Colorado considered in endorsing ColoradoCare is its “patient first” approach, putting people over profits. As the corporate insurance industry floods the coffers of the opposition campaign to protect their profits, Together Colorado is standing up for the diverse population that characterizes Colorado.

“Health decisions now are being made by out of state insurance companies, but we absolutely need to try a system that will provide health care without our health care dollars going for insurance, because the current insurance system has failed to hold down costs and is making more and more people ‘medical poor’ and bankrupt,” McLean said. “Our current system provides care for the poor, but only when they become destitute, bankrupt and hit the ground. Then it’s often too late for healing. Unless we try innovation, learn from it and adjust, we are indeed stuck with a very broken health system that in a few years can only cover the rich.”

Together Colorado adds to the growing list of voices supporting the grassroots movement for ColoradoCare and rejecting the notion that our fractured, insurance-based, profit-driven system can provide adequate health care to the state’s citizens. Our current health care system has left many people drowning in debt, destitute, or bankrupt and has often forced Coloradans to turn down care rather than burden their families with insurmountable medical debt.

ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, is a nonpartisan universal health care proposal for the people of Colorado to give “Medicare for All” health care to all Coloradans, offering full access to the best available health care at a collective savings for Coloradans of over $4.5 billion a year. It eliminates insurance premiums and deductibles, and provides primary and preventive care without co-pays, saving thousands of dollars a year for each resident of Colorado. It will appear on the November ballot.