1. Everyone’s covered
  2. No deductibles
  3. Colorado providers will all likely choose to be in network
  4. You choose your doctor
  5. Shared responsibility
  6. Locally owned and operated
  7. Much simpler
  8. Less fraud, waste, and abuse
  9. Less bureaucracy
  10. More freedom
  11. It costs a lot less
  12. It’s morally right
  13. It’s what most doctors and nurses want
  14. It’s better for everyone
  15. You get to vote on management
  16. Shared ownership
  17. Similar systems already work for millions of people
  18. Follows the constitution
  19. Allows you to change employment without fear of losing insurance
  20. Helps you become a better person (by changing a system that hurts many)
  21. Quality will improve with transparency
  22. Coordinates medical records with ID protection
  23. Statewide ID-scrubbed data can help researchers faster discover what works best
  24. Doctor errors will be reduced
  25. Increases feelings of solidarity in the community
  26. Covers pre-existing conditions
  27. Follows the Holy Bible
  28. Helps businesses reduce health care costs
  29. Reduces incentives to offshore manufacturing
  30. Helps business be more profitable and efficient
  31. Will bring jobs to Colorado
  32. Will serve as a model for the nation
  33. Fewer federal politicians involved
  34. Fewer lobbyists to bribe politicians involved
  35. Less redundancy in the system
  36. Republicans like it because it saves money
  37. Democrats like it because it covers everyone
  38. Everybody likes it because it’s the right thing to do
  39. Cheaper prescription drugs
  40. More access to care
  41. You go to the doctor that’s right for you—they’re all in network
  42. You go to the hospital that’s right for you—they’re all in network
  43. You don’t have to worry every day about losing coverage
  44. Your employer can now afford to give you a raise
  45. Your raise from last year won’t be taken up by increased health care cost
  46. Businesses will move to Colorado for the great health system
  47. Colorado will go from awesome to super awesome
  48. Colorado is already one of the healthiest states so it just makes sense to do it
  49. The doctors and nurses will be cuter because you get to choose them
  50. Insurance companies may have to stop giving $100 million salaries
  51. No more dumping poor patients at homeless shelters or on the street
  52. That finger you accidentally cut off will be sewed back on even if you are poor
  53. We can now afford valet parking at the emergency room instead of limping in
  54. Prices will be transparent
  55. Bills will be readable and simple
  56. Charity will be real instead of pretend (Brothers keepers throwing peanuts)
  57. Those in the donut hole will actually get to eat donuts
  58. Less corruption
  59. Less greed
  60. Chronic illnesses will be reduced
  61. People will live longer happier lives
  62. America will no longer be #1 for anxiety
  63. People who hate their jobs won’t have to keep working at them just for health insurance
  64. People from other countries will no longer think all of America is heartless
  65. The common good will now be in common
  66. Insurance companies will no longer look for reasons to deny high-cost patients
  67. Health care will focus on improving health instead of making profits off disease
  68. We will no longer charge $10.00 for a Tylenol
  69. Patients sick and in pain will no longer be required to fill out pages and pages of paperwork before we help them
  70. Each doctor will no longer need two people just to work with the insurance company
  71. Health practitioners will spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork
  72. Politicians will finally realize that corruption isn’t the only way to get things done
  73. You can live in a ski town and your premiums will be the same
  74. You can live in a rural area and still access quality comprehensive health care
  75. Jesus healed those with pre-existing conditions and offered universal health care at no cost so:
  76. What would a Coloradan do?
  77. You will no longer have to steal someone’s identity to pretend to have health coverage
  78. People will no longer be required to commit crimes to get health care in prison
  79. Healthy people contribute much more to society than sick people
  80. The Pope is for it
  81. Business is for it (Think the chambers represent business? Nope)
  82. We can live fully, go for it, and know we’re covered
  83. The people denying care will now have the opportunity to provide care
  84. People who love each other will have more time with each other (instead of on the phone fighting insurance denials or dying an early death)
  85. The Good Samaritan will now be from Colorado
  86. Insurance administrators will stop deciding what health care you get
  87. The health care system will support everyone’s wellbeing
  88. Coloradans can focus on creativity and innovation.
  89. Artists will have health care.
  90. Entrepreneurs will have health care.
  91. Everyone will have health care
  92. The American dream will get a boost in Colorado.
  93. When you have to take your child to the ER, you can skip the panic re: cost.
  94. Ditto any loved one
  95. Stress—one of the major precursors to every major illness—will lesson across Colorado
  96. When data supports that receiving massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, or physical therapy will help you get well, it will be covered.
  97. Everyone will have more time to have fun.
  98. Doctors, patients, administrators…everyone will have less paperwork to fill out
  99. You won’t have to fill out the same paperwork every time you see a new doctor
  100. When your neighbor is sick, you can just bake the casserole and skip the Go Fund Me campaign
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