Join the ColoradoCare National PowerTeam!

Are you ready to make history? Colorado is fighting to become the first state in the nation with a universal health care system. Amendment 69, known as ColoradoCare, is a measure on the state ballot this November that would create a “Medicare-for-All” system that covers every single resident.

If the campaign is successful, it will be a watershed moment nationwide, opening the door for other states to follow suit in taking back our healthcare. ColoradoCare polls well with voters, but the campaign is fighting a national effort from the insurance industry and Koch Brothers to defeat the Amendment and suppress health care reform efforts nationwide.

You can make a historic difference by sharing your time, talents, and energy with the ColoradoCare movement. Our national volunteer opportunities range from calling Colorado voters from your own home to spending time on the ground in Colorado as part of a local organization.

Send us an email, introduce yourself, and you’ll hear from a volunteer soon!

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