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ColoradoCare Videos

T.R. Reid speaks about ColoradoCare at Mountain View Friends, 1.17.16

T.R. Reid Speaks In Support of ColoradoCare on "The Devil's Advocate"

Senator Jeanne Nicholson discusses ColoradoCare with Health Care for All Colorado

ColoradoCare Rally and Press Conference, 10.23.15

ColoradoCare Ambulance Delivers Petitions to Secretary of State, 10.23.15

Additional Videos

ColoradoCare Rally and Press Conference in Colorado Springs, 10.23.15

ColoradoCare Rally and Press Conference in Fort Collins, 10.23.15

ColoradoCare Is Universal Health Care, with T.R. Reid and Senator Irene Aguilar

ColoradoCare PowerPoint, an overview

Senator Irene Aguilar Speaks About ColoradoCare, Fort Collins, 6.9.15

T.R. Reid Speaks at the All In Colorado Gala, 9.11.14