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  • Sign-up sheet for events, tabling, forums, house parties, etc. (Letter Size // Legal Size)
  • Sign-up form for volunteer involvement (Download)
  • Pocket contact info cards to distribute to those who want to be on our mailing list (Download)
  • Half page handout for women and families (Download)
  • One page for nurses: Good for our patients and the practice of nursing (Download)
  • Newest half page handout good for general audiences (Download)
  • Alternate half page handout for general audiences (Download)
  • ColoradoCare information sheet (Download)

Radio Shows

  • On KGYTRadio talk show in Idaho Springs, Host Jerry Fabyanic and guests Laurie Beckel and Senator Jeanne Nicholson discuss ColoradoCareYES on August 29 2015 (Listen)