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Nurses for ColoradoCare

ColoradoCare, Amendment 69
Good for Our Patients and the Practice of Nursing

Nurses for ColoradoCare

ColoradoCare will change the way Coloradans pay for health care by replacing insurance premiums and deductibles with an income based premium tax that pays for comprehensive health care for every Colorado resident. It is a financing system, not a delivery system. Nurses will continue to provide care in their current roles in a variety of settings. ColoradoCare will align with nursing’s values of caring and compassion to provide all Coloradans with universal access to affordable, high-quality, patient-centered care.

  • ColoradoCare will give the nearly 400,000 uninsured Coloradans and the nearly 1 million underinsured Coloradans full and equal access to quality, affordable care. Each Coloradan will be covered, and there will be no uncompensated care and no denials by insurance companies.
  • All patients will have access to a comprehensive package of healthcare services without deductibles, and without co-payments for primary care.
  • Patients, not insurance companies or employers, will choose their healthcare providers, leading to greater continuity of care.
  • Medicaid patients will become equal beneficiaries with full payment for healthcare providers along with easier access to necessary referrals. The consistency of providers will increase quality of care and satisfaction for patients and providers.
  • Medicare patients will remain on Medicare. The ColoradoCare Board of Trustees will submit a request to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services to offer a Medicare Advantage plan to seniors.
  • Nurses and their patients will benefit from the emphasis on wellness, prevention, and health education.
  • Nurses and their patients will benefit from support for expanding effective innovations such as Patient Centered Medical Homes and Nurse Managed Clinics. Nurses could offer health services that their patients want and would benefit from.
  • Nurses and patients will benefit from the billions of dollars saved annually by reducing unnecessary administration and bureaucracy, including unnecessary documentation. These savings will be used to provide more services.
  • Nurses will have a strong voice through locally elected Trustees and an Ombudsman Office specifically for healthcare providers.
  • The nurse/patient relationship will benefit from the decreased interference from third parties that will return control of the care decisions to the nurse/patient.
  • The nurse, the nurse’s family, and the nurse’s employees will be covered.
  • The nurse will benefit from ColoradoCare’s nonprofit, statewide, cooperative business model responsible for maintaining the attractive compensation/salary structure needed to retain and bring healthcare professionals to Colorado.
  • The Colorado nursing community will demonstrate how nursing can function to provide universal, high quality, cost-conscious health care while advancing our profession.


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