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Our Top Mission…

is to provide affordable, high quality health care for all Colorado residents.

Intro to ColoradoCare

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Amendment #69 ColoradoCare


Health benefits include primary, mental health, and specialty care, including dental. Patients can choose their primary care providers.


Overall, Colorado individuals would save $1.6 billion and businesses would save $3.1 billion. No deductibles. No co-payments for most primary and preventive care.


100% of residents will be covered, leading Colorado to be the first state in the U.S. to achieve universal health care.

About US

ColoradoCare is a citizens’ initiative that will go to the voters in Colorado for approval in November of 2016. Volunteers collected over 150,000 signatures in 2015 to get the amendment on the ballot, giving us time to run a thoughtful, exciting, energetic grassroots voter campaign.

ColoradoCare is a resident-owned, non-governmental health care financing system designed to ensure comprehensive, quality, accessible, lifetime health care for every Colorado resident. The benefit package would enhance the comprehensive health care services required by Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. Premiums would be collected from Coloradans based on income, securing health care regardless of financial circumstance. This efficient, universal system would operate in the interests of Coloradans. By eliminating layers of bureaucracy and reducing administrative and other non-medical costs, ColoradoCare would cover all residents and cost less than the current system.

The proposal for a Colorado universal health care system that takes advantage of the Affordable Health Care Act’s invitation for states to create their own health care systems, has been around for several years. Three organizations have contributed to the development of the Colorado Health Care Cooperative, and now ColoradoCare. You may be familiar with Co-operate Colorado and the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care. See this chart which explains the relationship of the three organizations.

This Colorado (Health Care) Cooperative is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen…This is a way that we can serve all the people of Colorado, we can serve our state, and through the demonstration effect, we can do a great thing, an historic thing, for our country.
——T.R. Reid, Author, the Healing of America


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