With Amendment 69, ColoradoCare, every Colorado resident can contribute their best, knowing ColoradoCare has everyone covered with universal health care.   Imagine life with ColoradoCare. If you’re a resident and you need any kind of health care (including mental health), you just go to see your provider, and ColoradoCare pays the bill. Without the layers of hassles, businesses, providers, and everyone in the state can go about their important work of contributing to their families and communities knowing ColoradoCare has everyone covered.

Now, a vast array for-profit private health insurers compete to make the largest profits by taking in as much in premiums as possible and paying out as little as possible in health care. (Private insurers call paying for our health care “medical loss.”) In order to maximize profits, they’ve created complex layers of administration to make it more difficult for providers to get paid. That leaves people scrambling to fight for what they’re owed when they’re least up for a fight: When they are sick or injured. As a non-profit cooperative owned by all the members-all Coloradans, ColoradoCare will save money overall while covering everyone.

ColoradoCare covers:






100% of Colorado residents

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