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We launched the ColoradoCare initiative because health care does not need to be complicated, stressful, and costly. We want people like you to spend less time navigating the system and worrying about costs and fees and have more time to enjoy with your healthy and well cared-for family. That is why you - and those you love - are at the center of ColoradoCare. Read this page to learn what ColoradoCare will mean for you.

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Did you know that 80% of Coloradans pay less under ColoradoCare?

We’ve built a handy tool to help you calculate how much you would be paying under ColoradoCare.

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ColoradoCare provides universal health care; it ensures that everyone, including seniors, have access to necessary health care services . Seniors can keep their Medicare; ColoradoCare works alongside Medicare. In the current sys tem, many seniors cannot afford the Medicare deductible, copayment, and Supplemental Plan costs, and Medicare has gaps in vision, hearing, and dental. Under ColoradoCare, all of the benefits of Medicare would continue, and in addition, ColoradoCare would provide a Medicare Supplemental Plan that eliminates deductibles and waives copayments for financial hardship.

Get Involved

ColoradoCare runs and relies on volunteers to spread the word and educate voters about the benefits of ColoradoCare/Amendment 69. Click below for a collection of ways in which you can get involved to make sure that ColoradoCare passes in November.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about ColoradoCare? We have a full repository of answers available to the most frequently asked questions. And if you cannot find an answer to your question, just fill out the form at the bottom of the FAQ page and we will reach out to you with a reply shortly.

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