If you see something, say something. Online or in print, on social media, in the blogosphere, or in your neighborhood newsletter or hometown paper…anywhere you see an opportunity to educate about ColoradoCare…say something. Tout Colorado’s opportunity for a simplified health care system that covers everyone and saves billions, and urge others to get involved too. Include the web address. Join the growing statewide movement in the media with your ongoing, daily (or weekly) input. You can and will be the tipping point.

Welcome to the Engage Team. We are so glad you are here. The Engage Team is a growing group of grassroots writers for ColoradoCare. Please make your voice heard online, in the media (social and otherwise), in the world (social and otherwise), and in print. If you’re interested in how you can tap the power of your pen (and phone, and laptop) for ColoradoCare, please SaraColoradoCareYES@gmail.com with the subject “Engage!”


Get Started
  • Comment online. Please correct falsehoods and talk about how ColoradoCare would help and why you’re a supporter. End with a call to action and the website.
  • Write LTEs. (Letters to the Editor), typically 300 – 400 words long and written by someone in the publication’s circulation area.
  • Edit & Submit LTEs. You’ll be given a pre-written LTE (which you can edit if desired) and submit it.
  • Write an OpEd, article, or guest column (Op-Eds/columns are usually 650-900 words, articles vary depending on publication) These longer pieces are often written by someone with a unique perspective, experience, or knowledge (a business person’s perspective, a pastor’s perspective, a doctor’s perspective,….)
  • Blog (Content matters more than length, but 600-1,600 words or < 7 minutes time is a good ballpark for blogs) (https://blog.bufferapp.com/the-ideal-length-of-everything-online-according-to-science) Here are some good places to begin: Common Dreams, Daily Kos, Colorado Pols. Discover more. Where should ColoradoCare have a blog presence? Let us know. Then: Become the presence.
  • Monitor Specific Publications & Comment Online
    Monitor print and/or online publications for material related to ColoradoCare.
    Make online comments to published material.
    Follow a regional area for news/opinions
    Notify area regional captain of published material related to ColoradoCare
Internal Resources

Click below to access the Engage Team’s internal resources. The page is password protected, so that only members of the Engage Team can view these.

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