To: Anthem Insurance

From: Team YES

Put your mouth where your money is! Lyn Gullette, the single largest donor to ColoradoCare YES has challenged you to a debate on the merits of Amendment 69.

You've shown that you're eager to defeat Amendment 69 by spending $1 million in support of the NO campaign.

It's time to put your mouth where your money is and publicly vocalize your support for these values on the stage next to one of the working people who would benefit by the ColoradoCare Medicare-for-All style system.

Accept Lyn's invitation to debate. 

Put your mouth where your money is.

Anthem Insurance, a for-profit insurance company, gave $1 million to defeat Amendment 69 and protect the status quo insurance industry system.

Meanwhile, ColoradoCare's Team YES is funded by grassroots supporters--teachers, nurses, plumbers, and professionals--who are tired of going broke to pay for outrageous insurance premiums and high deductibles.

Lyn Gullette--the single largest donor to Team YES, and a Colorado resident--has challenged Joe Swedish, the CEO of Anthem, to a debate, and we think it's time he put his mouth where his money is!

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