A #vacationfail could happen to anyone

Some of my favorite memories growing up are from summer vacation. Since my parents were both teachers, we all had summers free, and we spent much of them at a primitive cabin on Moosehead Lake on the edge of the Maine wilderness — there was no electricity, and...

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ColoradoCare Would Solve the Mystery of Hospital Pricing

Opponents to ColoradoCare are going to tell you that the health care system in Colorado is too complex for any large solution such as ColoradoCare to work. What they neglect to mention is that the health care payment system is already so complex and expensive that it’s not only failing us, it’s bankrupting our country. Furthermore, it’s rigged to benefit corporations rather than Coloradoans.

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Your health is not a McDonald’s burger

by Jeanne Nicholson, RN, MS   ColoradoCare, Amendment 69, will be a nonprofit cooperative owned by the residents of Colorado. Recently, the Colorado Health Institute launched a series of reports to look closely at ColoradoCare, stating that “if approved...

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We Can Fix It

We are all affected by our broken health care system. And despite President Obama’s best efforts to fix it, the Affordable Care Act just didn’t do enough. Premiums continue to go up and are expected to rise again next year because the private health insurance companies want more profits. Too many people are still uninsured and a growing number have insurance they can barely afford to use. The ACA did, however, provide the means for states to go beyond the initial framework to create our own systems. Colorado can be the first to realize the dream of true universal healthcare. We can fix our broken health care system.

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