Universal Health Care for Colorado
Covers Everyone · Improves Quality · Increases Savings

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Noam Chomsky Endorses ColoradoCare!

Noam Chomsky, one of the most influential minds of the last half century, offered an enthusiastic endorsement of ColoradoCare (see link below).
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Save Big With ColoradoCare

Did you know that 80% of Coloradans will pay less under ColoradoCare? We’ve built a handy tool to help you calculate how much you will be paying under ColoradoCare.
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Videos on ColoradoCare

View our growing archive of videos from national television coverage, local events, presentation, and debates on ColoradoCare, Amendment 69.  Everything from the nuts-and-bolts basics to in-depth discussions on the improved benefits and lowered costs of universal health care for Colorado.
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How it Will Work: Get the facts on ColoradoCare

We’ve put out a new edition of our comprehensive, 50-page booklet answering all your questions about ColoradoCare. You can pick it up in person at our events, or download it here.
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Opposition group bankrolled by corporate insurance industry

“Coloradans for Coloradans” funding is neither for nor by Coloradans. Campaign finance reports show 99.84% of their funding is from corporations.
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ColoradoCare at a Glance:

Covers Everyone

100% of residents will be covered, leading Colorado to be the first state in the U.S. to achieve universal health care.
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Improves Quality

Health benefits include primary, mental health, and specialty care, including dental. Patients can choose their primary care providers.
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Increases Savings

Collectively, Colorado individuals and businesses would save $4.5 billion. No deductibles. No co-pays for primary care. A simple 3.33% payroll deduction.
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A #vacationfail could happen to anyone

Some of my favorite memories growing up are from summer vacation. Since my parents were both teachers, we all had summers free, and we spent much of them at a primitive cabin on Moosehead Lake on the edge of the Maine wilderness — there was no electricity, and... read more

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